PRICE DROP Protection:

If the Price of the phone bought by you drops within 30 days of purchase, we credit back the difference amount (excluding vat).

Only phones bought without any discounts and free gifts are eligible.

Announcement (Brands announce Price drop of the phone model):

Brands announce price drop of a particular model through an email or advertisement.

Discount pricing offered by various retailers on line and offline are not offical price drops

Pricing calculated under exchange schemes are not offical price drops.

The Price drop should happen within max 30 days from the date of purchase

COMMUNICATION (Communication sent to eligible customers):

Shopno47 will communicate the price drop to customers through SMS and Email.

Communication will be done to numbers given in the invoice only.

SMS will be sent to customers along with the new price of the model purchased

Make sure the correct Mobile number and Email id is provided while placing order.

Message ( SMS and Email content):

Message is sent to the customer through SMS and Email.

The message will have the new price and UNIQUE alpha numeric code.

Customer needs to visit any sangeetha Store with this unique code.